Navigating God's People Through Troubled Waters

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and Man Steps Down


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After God's Own Heart

It was in 1998 that God unveiled His plan to use Bishop J. Richard Evans, Sr. to bring restoration to the brokenhearted. Bishop Evans is a man searching for the heart of God. Nothing more, nothing less.

Bishop J. Richard Evans, Sr.

Pastor Evans - Spiritual Leader in Detroit, MI

In the midst of dealing with a bruised heart, and years of unresolved wounds that never seemed to completely heal, Bishop Evans was quickened to guide God's people through troubled waters. The Lord said, "There will be Divine Restoration," This place is not embodied in a building, but a people. It is truly where God steps in and Man Steps Down.

From Bible Study to Spiritual Ministry
After being released by his pastor, Bishop Evans began a Bible study in his living room. Within two weeks' time there was no longer enough room to hold those that attended. This would lead to a brief stop in Eastpointe, Michigan, and a subsequent move to the Boulevard and Gratiot in Detroit. The ministry is currently located on the city’s east side. It was here that the Lord revealed that if Bishop Evans would change his mind and change his environment, ultimately his life would change. By the prompting of the Holy Spirit, Bishop brought that same spirit of change and restoration to the city of Mt. Clemens in 2007 with the birth of Divine Restoration Ministries-Mt. Clemens.

Bishop and Pastor Evans
Along with his highschool sweetheart, and wife, Bishop Evans has ushered in an environment that encourages self-evaluation, and a willingness to embrace change. Pastor Evans works tirelessly to assist the women of Divine Restoration Ministries and the community, both young and old, to maximize their full potential. In addition, she is an excellent administrator and has utilized that gift in the advancement of the ministry.

Pastor Tenisia Evans
To say that Pastor Tenisia Evans is a walking testimony is an understatement. In the fall of 2004, she would be faced with the biggest trial of her life. In 2 months, what started as minor discomfort escalated into a full-blown attack that left medical staff baffled.

Life-Threatening Disease vs. The True Source of LifeLady Evans - Spiritual Leader in Detroit, MI
In just 5 months, Lady Evans lost 96 pounds, had 2 surgeries, numerous biopsies, and a bone marrow harvesting. The disease Sarcoidosis threatened multiple organs including her lungs and eyes. This disease brought forth many names, such as stroke, bell palsy, cancer, glaucoma, and blindness. But the Lord triumphed gloriously over them all!

The Evans’ story is one of faith, for when doctors declared that they’d done all that was medically possible, the strength of their faith and commitment to God was put to the test and triumphantly confirmed. 

Their Ministry
No greater example of commitment to God and family can be exhibited than what the Bishop and Pastor have guided those that follow them through. The victories are almost too numerous to name. But if you should stop in on a service, you’re sure to hear testimony of how God saved the lives of those that lead this local body.  Come…be restored!

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